Close Up of Corn Field

Christmas trees: We apply pelleted fertilizer of your prescription and we provide the trucking and trailers as well. Done by helicopter the far edges are fertilized as well as the near trees. Application can be done quickly without the effort of lining up a ground crew and application is also more uniform than by hand application. A helicopter application is usually less expensive than a backpack application.

Wheat: Wet fields are not a problem! Aerial application allows timely application at the appropriate growth stage with no crop damage and zero trampling (ground spray rigs result in 8-10% trampling loss.)

Corn: Top dressing with nitrogen later in the year just prior to peak nitrogen demand, when corn is over 5 feet tall and 10% tasselled, results in a huge boost. Farmers report a 40 bushel increase applying nitrogen at this stage. In addition, you can hold on to your money for longer and see if the season justifies application. 


Sod: Absolutely no ruts, dents or damage to this high value crop. Definitely fertilize at the optimum time even if you are too busy harvesting or the ground is too wet. 


Christmas trees: Timely spraying for twig aphids in the spring and cinara aphids in the fall. 

Wheat: Control mildews, insects and prevent scab while foliar feeding. Treat for weeds, diseases, or insects promptly and apply foliar feed at the same time. Avoid yield loss due to unnecessary waiting or trampling. 100 bushel yields should be part of your program.

Corn: Respond quickly to issues with no crop damage or soil compaction, spraying insecticides, fungicides and herbicides with the ability to simultaneously apply foliar feed. This is our bread and butter creating high yields well above state averages, including many national champions (Drew Haines, 2018) in yield competitions and David Hula's world record of 530+ bushel per acre.

Soybeans: quick and thorough applications for insect and disease control and micro-nutrients, as well as foliar feeds. We also offer weed control.


Sod and pasture: Apply foliar feeds, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides at the most effective time to improve quality and speed up growth.

Christmas tree liming.jpg

Christmas trees: We apply pelleted lime to your prescription and we provide the trucking and trailers as well. Done by helicopter the far edges are limed as well as the near trees. Application can be done significantly quicker without the effort of lining up a ground crew. Application is also significantly more uniform in terms of the rate of product per acre than by hand application. Aerial application is also generally less expensive than a backpack application.


Wheat: Yields are increased by timely planting. Maximum yield results from planting one week before or one week after the first killing frost. If you're not planted by then, you are giving up on some of your potential yields. 60% of yield potential is determined by the end of your planting. Ohio farmers report a 25% yield increase in wheat when seeded by air through soybeans.


Cover crop: Wheat, rye, clover and tillage radish can be seeded through standing corn and soybeans. This helps to prevent soil erosion and provide soil tillage, meeting the requirements for the various soil conservation services.

Sod and pasture: Any seed that can be broadcasted can be applied by air. Apply seed on your schedule, not the weather's schedule.

Riparian waterways: Inaccessible areas can be seeded easily and effectively.