About us

A family-owned company, Kritter Cropdusting has grown into a national operation serving the Eastern United States. Based out of Culpeper, Virginia, Kritter Cropdusting has provided a range of aerial application services to the agricultural community for nearly three decades.

Aerial application is the most economical, timely, nondestructive means of applying fertilizer, seed or agricultural products. Our service offers timely, economical and effective applications, no field rutting or soil compacting, no crop trampling, excellent coverage, and intercrop capability. Most importantly, Kritter Cropdusting provides the personal touch and the accountability of a family-owned and operated business. 

Kritter Cropdusting will make your crop and effort as productive as it can be by maximizing your yields without unnecessary expense.

Owner and Operator - Gene Kritter


Gene Kritter founded Kritter Cropdusting in 1992 after graduating from George Mason University with a degree in Biology. 


Gene Kritter is a business owner who puts people and community first. Kritter Cropdusting frequently sponsors and donates helicopter rides to local charity events, and Gene has coached his fair share of volleyball and soccer teams for his three daughters. Kritter Cropdusting hosted the "Night Witches" theatre troop in 2017 during their development and performance of a play about female WWII night bomber pilots. Gene proudly serves his family and community with the same integrity and dedication that runs his business. 



Here are some of the latest footage of our team in action